In the world of golf, your putter is one of the essential pieces of equipment. This blog post will discuss some adjustments you can make to improve your putter’s performance. Many people don’t think that the first adjustment changes their grip on the club. Changing how you hold a putter may seem like a small change, but it can have a drastic effect on how accurately and consistently you can hit shots from different distances away from the hole.

Another standard adjustment is to adjust the face angle of your putter. This can be done by changing how you line up on the ball, and it will affect which part of your club’s head strikes first contact with the golf ball. We recommend adjusting even more advanced components such as putting grip pressure or tension levels to achieve optimal results from a change made after trying one of these above adjustments.

Lie Angle

this is the angle of the shaft about your stance


This will determine if you are hitting a putt or chip, based on how far away from the hole it was intended for.

Ball marker

when putting, golfers use these markers to know exactly where their ball started at contact. This can help them with future shots because there may be a wind that changes direction rapidly, which could have affected their shot unexpectedly.

Grip Pressure

When you hold the club in your hand, this will change how you contact the ball. If there is more pressure on one side of it than another, uneven contact will occur, thus not being accurate or consistent. We recommend testing out different grip pressures before settling which one works best for you.

Face angle

This will determine if the putter’s face begins to point in a specific direction after making an initial impact with the golf ball. This can help someone line up their shot better in the distance away from the hole they are attempting to hit.

One plane swing path refers to an arc-type motion rather than swinging straight back and forth across oneself like some people do when putting. This can be an excellent way to up your accuracy and consistency in terms of the distance that the ball is hit toward once contact with it has been made by you. Still, it may not help regarding face angle direction and how much power one needs to put behind them before making contact with the ball.