Golf is one of the rare sports that is extremely enjoyable when playing by yourself, but the sport is taken to another level when playing in a tournament. There is just something special about seeing a group of people come together for the love of the game. There are large number of golf tournament variations that all have their own set of unique rules. These are the six most common types of golf tournaments.


Stroke Play

This is the most traditional type of golf tournament. Everyone is competing as an individual in hopes of getting the lowest score. The player that manages to finish the 18-hole course in the least amount of shots is deemed the winner.


Match Play

Match play tournaments turn golf into a head-to-head competition. Instead of counting total strokes, you are trying to finish each hole in less shots than your opponent. The player that wins the most holes over the entire course walks away as the victor.



A scramble golf tournament is play in teams. These teams can consist of two, three or four players. Every member of the team starts the hole at the tee. The team then collectively decides on the best shot. The whole team then hits their next shot from this location. This process continues until the ball is in the hole.


Best Ball

Best ball is another team golf event. Every member of the team plays their own ball the entire round. Instead of using the collective score of the entire team, only the best score on each hole is counted.


Alternate Shot

Alternate shot is another popular team golf tournament format. This golf variation must be played in teams of two. The teammates play the same ball the entire hole while alternating shots. The players must also alternate tee shots to ensure they are not getting an unfair advantage.


Bingo Bango Bongo

The most unique golf variant is called Bingo Bango Bongo. This game can be played with groups of any size. The first player on the green gets a point. The shot closest to the pin is awarded one point. The first one to hole out also gets a point. The player with the most points after 18 holes wins.