The new year is up and running and so are the sports documentaries! The following are the most anticipated sports documentaries coming to the screen in 2021.


Tiger premiered on HBO on Sunday, January 10th. Those who know Tiger best, including his first true love as well as his former caddy and close friend Steve Williams are featured prominently throughout the documentary.  After the book that recently came out with about Tiger, many people are interested in Tiger Woods’ life again. He is incredibly private and closed off, so the first-hand look into his private life are rare. This documentary features both the good  and bad of Tiger Woods.

“The Day Sports Stood Still”

The 2020 sports shutdown is at the center of this feature.  The film is a first-hand account of the sports shutdown around the world, told mainly by the NBA President. The documentary features  a broad number of voices and was produced by an NBA point guard. How did the NBA orchestrate the bubble so well that not one single case of the virus surfaced among players, staff or countless employees at the bubble campus. How did sport come together to safely play again? “The Day the Sports Stood Still” promises to tell us.

“The Man in the Arena” Tom Brady

There is insight into a pro athlete like none other. It will focus on Brady’s nine Super Bowl appearances in twenty years with the Patriots. Fans are hoping for gritty insight to both  the wins and the losses. How did Brady build  himself up, time and time again? What was his mindset? Hopefully this documentary will  tell!

Magic Johnson: (No working title yet)

Although it has no name yet, we do know this will document both Magic Johnson’s sporting achievements and his successful entrepreneurial pursuits. Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV, a virus that many thought was a death sentence. It will be intriguing to see how he dealt with this time of his life. 

No matter which you choose to watch, it’s safe to say that you will gain insight into the lives of some of the most prolific sports stars in the world, in 2020.