There was a time where concern over golf’s popularity was real. The number of players was supposedly declining as younger generations weren’t adopting the sport with the passion that Baby Boomers did. Whether or not the concerns were founded, the global pandemic might have helped. An outdoor game where people are naturally socially distanced was perfect for people looking to spend time outside their homes.


While many people are looking to take up the sport, the fascination and novelty soon wear off. Many players are content just to be partaking in the sport, but most actually want to get better at it. Time on the course usually helps, but time at the driving range can also be useful, provided you know how to practice golf effectively.


The first thing you should do to make yourself better at golf is practicing the shots that you take the most often. Are most of your strokes putts? If so, then spend half your time putting. If you’re more likely to spend a lot of time on the fairway, then work on your drives. Good practice includes teeing off, fairway shots, and putting, but you should put an emphasis on where most of your shots are likely to happen.


Second, remember that golf is a sport. Yes, there might be a lot of walking and standing around involved on the course with minimal bouts of physical activity when you actually get a turn at a shot. However, it’s still an athletic event. Have a routine for stretching and getting your mind and body ready for a game of golf. Mimic this as closely as you can when at the driving range to create the same frame of mind and physical readiness.


Third, always have a target. Is any sport more target-oriented than golf? Whether it’s down the fairway, on the green, or in the hole, every shot you take on the course has an ideal target. Do the same at the driving range to keep your brain’s targeting sensors alive and exercised.


Also, consider practicing on an actual golf course. Don’t do it on a busy day where you hold up others, but if there’s a slow morning you can get out there, feel free to hit multiple balls in the same trip down the course.